Lamar is on the loose!

Recently Lamar has been behaving as a “girl gone wild” which is strange considering he is a male camel. He now has a diva complex and refuses to be in pictures. He thinks he’s artsy, so he takes the pictures. I see his career slowly beginning to mimick that of our beloved Spunko. Here’s a picture of his latest night out in downtown Orlando, FL at a place referred to as I-Bar.
Lamar's wild ways
The girls in the photo have asked to remain anonymous.
Forgive me if the picture doesn’t work I’m dumb with computers.


So, after being called upon weeks ago, I think I have finally figured out this whole posting thing. I may be a little slow, but at least I’m adorable. Been thinking about traveling lately, leaving town this week, going to where its hot, but also to where there is family, so its a trade off sometimes. I like to follow Spud’s Travels to get in the mood. That guy goes everywhere. Plus he has cute outfits…and someone to dress him and cart him around….a charmed life indeed. Pretty soon I’ll have a sunburn. I can’t wait.
Like a lizard to a heat rock,

Major Brown

So I indulged in another nutty brown substance today (see last post).


I took a tour of the factory today. It was only three bucks and I got to hang out with a busload of senior citizens. One woman was saying, “Remember when Lucy and Ethel worked in the chocolate factory?” And I said, “What are you doing after the tour? Wanna go make a sticky mess?”

It was very informative and delicious. The guide said that most of the cocoa that we use for chocolate comes from Africa. So I called her a racist! They had these pipes all over the place that were flowing with liquid chocolate. And this one woman was dismembering a 35lb Easter Bunny. Good thing there were no children present. Just me and the ladies…All right.

Monkey, out…