Sweet Child O’ Mine

Did you know that Axl Rose went to Lake Brantley High School? It’s true! Check out his sweet-ass alumni page here – GNR!

In other news, I’m heading across the border to our sarcastic, socialist brother to the north. If anyone needs some real beer or maple syrup, let me know. Unless of course, I defect, in which case, “See you losers, later!”

Monkey, oot, eh?

3 Thoughts.

  1. P.S. Lake Brantley sucks, just a bunch of snobby coke addicts and well dressed wankers. I rep AHS, where all the cool crack fiends go. We do it south apk style EVERYDAY, and there ain’t no frontin’. Bitches get slapped.

  2. From America’s wang to America’s hat; you’re really making your way in the world, buddy. Try to find the next up-and-coming-sketch-comedian-will-turn-movie-star while you’re up there, eh, buddy? I miss the Solar Bears too. Maple rocks!

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