OOOHHH Yeeaahhh. Metallica style

I know that girl in the photo from Orlando,
I told her I was a racecar driver or some shit like that. Check out Pics are up now to see the coolest millionare rock star on the skins. Shovelhead lounge biker bar next week Straight up Metallica style. Is E Wango or Is E Tango.!!

2 Thoughts.

  1. I just got back from the Black Mountain show at Shovelhead Lounge. The band rocked! The crowd made out on tables, fugged in the ladies’ room, got dragged into cop cars, and put each other’s heads into glass doors while in headlocks (and in that order, but not all the same people)! There’s still time. Catch their Friday or Saturday night shows. They’re sure to deliver an entertaining evening…one way AND another!

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