I’m lost

I was reading Boo’s new waste of time, dooce, which is a great site, check it out. From there I got linked to this other site Caulder.com. Not the greatest site, but I had to find out about those Puddin’ Portables!
Then I thought about this magazine I heard about on NPR almost a year ago. Possibly the best idea for a magazine I’d ever heard, Found, devoted to printing things that people find. Reading some of the entries, I was reminded of the Secrets website (see below, there are enough links in this post already). Just another rare opportunity to glimpse into someone elses life, like:

found NOT on Mario’s car.

Monkey out….

2 Thoughts.

  1. Caulder’s sarcastic art is much like my reinterpretations of The Watchtower mags left by the Jehovites. Rock on! I figured all that poo clawing would be a hit with the punkmonkey. Monkeys love poo! Really though, who feeds a baby a bunch of peanuts?

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