Lamar is on the loose!

Recently Lamar has been behaving as a “girl gone wild” which is strange considering he is a male camel. He now has a diva complex and refuses to be in pictures. He thinks he’s artsy, so he takes the pictures. I see his career slowly beginning to mimick that of our beloved Spunko. Here’s a picture of his latest night out in downtown Orlando, FL at a place referred to as I-Bar.
Lamar's wild ways
The girls in the photo have asked to remain anonymous.
Forgive me if the picture doesn’t work I’m dumb with computers.

Just a note

B/C i’ve been called out, and you know a bgirl don’t play around wit dat, I guess I’ll post.
Everyone who missed Zombie day I’m sure has been crying the past couple of days, but nowhere near as much as me b/c the zombie I miss is Michael Jackson a la Thriller.

the american version is rubbish and bollocks all rolled around and pounded into a shite pizza. they ripped it off completely….only they left the humor, only thing they forgot! americans don’t get british humor for the most part so why does nbc do this to us who do!??!?!

in a final note…sometimes I doubt your commitment to sparkle motion.