Who’s got VD?

Hello everyone.
I hope you have all enjoyed your VD. Remember VD doesn’t last forever, so you must make the most of VD while you have it. I like to feel the VD within, so warm, sometimes even burning. Then when I’m around those that I love, I share with them the joy of VD. I encourage others in this fashion so that we might spread VD throughout the world, and not simply regulate it to a single day.

A what disease? No, no, no. I was talking about Valentine’s Day, itchy, oozing, infectious Valentine’s Day.


Leaven on a Jet Plane

I’m leaving once again. Sometimes it’s almost harder to come back. To see all the old things. Mistakes made.
Such is life and such is the cycle, journey and return.

By the way, check out Motorcyle Diaries, if you haven’t already.

Monkey out….

Beware the Monkey

So here it is. A new year….What? That was last month?….Well, what if I’m Chinese!

Whatever. The monkey will be taking over this site. Spunko just couldn’t keep up, running from the law and several ex-wives. Not to mention all the crazed fans. I encourage you to mention any Spunko-related news, sitings, facts, trivia. As long as Spunko is remembered, he is not dead.

In other news, I’m in small town, North Carolina. Not too bad. A step up from small town, Arkansas where I was, but not quite New York City, where I will be in about a week. So, if any of the three people who check this site know of anything I don’t, going on in the city, post it.

Monkey out….