Spunko Sighting

Spunko was sighted tonight in one of the best restaurants in Louisville, KY, Ramsis’ Cafe. It’s still unsure if he was there for the food or the ladies, but one thing’s for sure, he loved the cream stout.

The Legend

For those few who don’t know, Spukno was the preeminant wrestler-turned-model. He paved the way for The Rock, Chyna, and Britney Spears. He was a pioneer and like most trailblazers, he was misunderstood. The world wasn’t ready for his brand of wrestling inspired modelling and fast lifestyle. Tragically, before the public recognized his transcendence, he died choking on a deep fried candy bar.

However, like all the greats (Elvis, Bigfoot), Spunko has been sited all over the country after his death. The Weekly World News reported Spunko, working alongside Batboy, as a moonshine salesman in Beaver Dam, Kentucky. But just two days after that article was published a man was arrested in Wadsworth, Nevada for public intoxication and assault at a children’s soccer game. Could this be Spunko?

Sweet Gentile Jesus!

My prayers are answered! I’ve been searching the web for years, waiting for a monochromatic site staid enough to not detract from my diluted ramblings! I don’t know what Spunko is, but I’m sure glad that I was able to enroll myself in this site. I look forward to any and all content this site has to offer. Hooray Spunko!

Spunko begins

My cousin Gabriel has unleashed the awesome power of Spunko on the world through this amazing site. He has no idea the evil he has wrought upon the earth, but it’s such pretty packaging.