So, after being called upon weeks ago, I think I have finally figured out this whole posting thing. I may be a little slow, but at least I’m adorable. Been thinking about traveling lately, leaving town this week, going to where its hot, but also to where there is family, so its a trade off sometimes. I like to follow Spud’s Travels to get in the mood. That guy goes everywhere. Plus he has cute outfits…and someone to dress him and cart him around….a charmed life indeed. Pretty soon I’ll have a sunburn. I can’t wait.
Like a lizard to a heat rock,

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  1. I love me some spud, but I also follow the travels of Groovin’ Gary and his camel he rents from the zoo that he named Lamar. They have some good times. They even went to the Coca-Cola Place in ATL. High class.

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