Behold the new reason to wake up early on Saturday mornings and watch the FoxBox with a big bowl of Life cereal. Meet the star of the hit new series “Big Gay Animae” His name is Mikey and he fights crime, hot and straight. And he knows the first rule of karate is “Arouse your enemy!” Let’s get it on!

Monkey, out…

May the Horse be in You

So, I’ve been off the radar for a while. I was in Toronto, got some ink, then I went to NYC for a while. I saw the Appleseed Cast with Chin Up Chin Up, great show. Now I’m in Syracuse. I just saw Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith. What did you think? Leave a comment. Let me know.

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I’m lost

I was reading Boo’s new waste of time, dooce, which is a great site, check it out. From there I got linked to this other site Not the greatest site, but I had to find out about those Puddin’ Portables!
Then I thought about this magazine I heard about on NPR almost a year ago. Possibly the best idea for a magazine I’d ever heard, Found, devoted to printing things that people find. Reading some of the entries, I was reminded of the Secrets website (see below, there are enough links in this post already). Just another rare opportunity to glimpse into someone elses life, like:

found NOT on Mario’s car.

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Major Brown

So I indulged in another nutty brown substance today (see last post).


I took a tour of the factory today. It was only three bucks and I got to hang out with a busload of senior citizens. One woman was saying, “Remember when Lucy and Ethel worked in the chocolate factory?” And I said, “What are you doing after the tour? Wanna go make a sticky mess?”

It was very informative and delicious. The guide said that most of the cocoa that we use for chocolate comes from Africa. So I called her a racist! They had these pipes all over the place that were flowing with liquid chocolate. And this one woman was dismembering a 35lb Easter Bunny. Good thing there were no children present. Just me and the ladies…All right.

Monkey, out…

New Blood

So I’ve seen some new comments from some people and I think I have to comment. First off there have been some from Boo. Do you think she means “boo” or “boo-urns?” Because I was saying, “Boo-urns.”

And then there’s bgirl, who dastardly listed herself as anonymous first. So, if she’s who I think she is let me just say, “You were so right about ‘The Office'” I haven’t seen the new ‘Merican’ version yet. I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

But, you are both interesting people. You should write some posts. Monkeys are fun, but they get boring without some company.

Monkey, out…

Happy Zombie Day!

So it’s the annual Zombie Day and I missed out on all the fun. All my friends in NYC are playing tumbling monkeys. I should be there. Oh well, duty calls…..

I said doodie, he, he.